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S7.02 The Naked Truth October 2, 2011

Posted by nphfan in How I met your mother, Season 7.
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Second episode. There are three stories here. Marshall trying to get a new job and some of his past may give him problems. Ted trying to find the perfect date to his ball. And Barney trying to getting Nora to trust him. As usual Barney’s part is the most interesting. After starting trying to be on her good side with faking an injury he promise to be totally honest with her. So he tells her everyone of his lies getting a girl in bed. Nora are sitting and listening through most of them – as someone watching a car wreck. She then says she’s not interested, although he is cute and funny he is a sociopath. But Barney points out that she had stayed, and wows to stay at the 24-7 diner until she’s ready to go out on a second date with him. And after a night she gives in.

Marshall finds an old youtube with him streaking. He tries to get the guy that uploaded it to take it down, but ends up making a new streaking when he gets drunk. But all ends well. And I love Martin Short as his future boss by the way.

The third story is Ted that has gotten two girls interested using his front cover magazine. He’s trying to get the perfect one two the ball. But he ends up realising he’s not particularly interested in either one of them. So he ends up taking Robin. And at the ball he sees Victoria catering.

Writers: Stephen Lloyd
Director: Pamela Fryman



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