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S7.06 Mystery Vs. History October 31, 2011

Posted by nphfan in How I met your mother, Season 7.
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It’s harder to date now a days than before, everyones lifes is an open book on Internet it seems so Robin and Barney always checks up on Ted’s date. This time he has picked up a girl and he decide that he wants the mystery. So he forbids them to check up on her. But there is no way they will respect his wishes.

Lily and Marshall has gotten an envelop with the gender of the baby. But they have decided not to check it out. While the rest of the gang is gathering helping Marshall and Lily paint the nursery (well, actually the only painting going on is by Kevin, Robin’s ex-therapist/boyfriend) yellow.

Barney and Robin finds out something extraordinairy about Ted’s date, but he reject the link, and they have just succeeded in breaking the ice on the date. But when Lily and Marshall also urge him to check it up he realise what an amazing person she is – and ends up spoiling the date by being intimidated by her.

And in the end Marshall and Lily finds out that it will be a boy, so Kevins goes out to buy blue paint.

Writer: Chuck Tatham
Director: Pamela Fryman



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