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A while ago I stumbled upon Dr Horrible. As a huge fan of most of Joss Whedons work it was not so suprising that I would like this. I started looking at it on Youtube. Again and again.

I love the songs, I love the story. I love Dr Horrible, in both his egos. The shy Billy and the wannabe-evil Dr Horrible that in my opinion are not as evil as the “good guy” Captain Hammer.

The more I watched the more impressed I became regarding the one playing the main character. Obviously he could act and sing. At first glance I didn’t find him extremely good looking. Not like Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and other actors that I find so beautiful it’s almost painful. But the more I looked, that more attractive I found him. The shy smiles. The smirks. Introvertly debating with himself. And the pain. His face expressed so much it was amazing.

So who was this Neil Patrick Harris? I’d never heard of him. Well, actually I noticed I recently had. I’d started watching Glee and he was in one of the episodes. I love Glee (more the first season then the second so far) but this episode Dream On that got so good ratings wasn’t anyone who stuck in my memory. Who was this Neil Patrick Harris guy it was such a hype on. Yes, he could sing, but there are many other that could sing there as well – so what was the deal? Obviously he was good – that I could see in Dr Horrible, but otherwise?

There were a lot of talk about the Doogie Howser, MD TV-series, but I never seen or heard of this, even though I note that it did run in Sweden actually.

So I looked at the Glee episopde again. I noted now it was Joss Whedon directing. Still not my favourite. But I liked it more. And this time I noticed NPH more. But it wasn’t Dr Horrible I saw in this role. Even though I could recognize some of the smiles he was somehow more that person. Often when I see an actor in one role that really stuck, I always compare with that role when looking at some other movie or TV-series. But it didn’t seem like that with Dr Horrible.

So I figured it was time to start look into other NPH stuff. Next step was How I met your mother. I’ve read about it before as I like to see what the Buffy-actors are up to. But it didn’t seem that interesting so I’d never watched it. But now it was time. And I was soon hooked.

NPH really, really perform Barney Stinson in a wonderful way. So obnoxius and egocentric but at the same time so kind and caring for his friends, sensitive and insensitive at the same time. Very much unlike the Dr Horrible/Billy characters, but he really can sell this person. I’d totally date him 🙂  But still – I don’t compare Barney with Dr Horrible.

I noted that I already had some of his movies at home. Starship Trooper (not really sure what possessed me to buy that – but I gave it another shot now). He seem a bit darker in that role – but still likable.

So far I’ve seen him as a lot of bad persons role. A bestialic murderer in Criminal Intent, as a manipulative king in Joan of Arc that sacrificed her for his own powers. But someway he really come across as sympathic in some way. The only role he really come out as a 100% unpleasent person is is role of Neil Patrick Harris in the Harold & Kumar movies.

When I read up on NPH I got even more impressed. He really seem to be a genuinely  likeable person. He’s funny. He is caring. He seem to have taken his fame in a stride and kept on being a down to earth person.

And really I don’t like the Kumar & Harold movies, but the fact that he can make that role and play it out that way speaks a lot about how he must be as a person.

So, I decided to make a fan blog to share picture of my favourite actor and thought of his works as I go through them.

And if Neil Patrick himself would show up I can only say: You rock!

Anyone have a thought or want to comment I can be reached at nonblondeswede@gmail.com or twitter @NonBlondeSwedeF



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