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Doogie Howser, MD

Doogie Howser is a young genius, a child prodigy that is a doctor when he is 16 years old. The series aired from 1989 to 1993 and followed Doogie from the day he became 16 until he was 19.

The important people in the series:

Doogie Howser – The young doctor who struggles with his life as a responsible working adult, but at the same time a young teenage boy stuggling to be allowed to be a kid – and later on, to have sex.
Played by Neil Patrick Harris.

Vinnie Delpino – The young obnoxious neighbor kid who is Doogies best friend. What keep them friends are somewhat a mystery, but somehow they keep on being friends although Vinnie keeps getting Doogie in trouble. But as the series goes to the end, it is really Vinnie that helps Doogie to become a human being instead of a machine as he teach him a lot about emotions, and to have the guts to do things. He also mature into a wiz when it comes to film making which is his big dream, atlhough his lack of study skill seem to hamper this the first seasons.
Played by Max Casella.

Katherine Howser – The mother. She also works at the hospital, although she seem to work more as an administrator. Not many controversies between mother and son. More of a buffer between father and son at times.  You learn a bit about, like that she wanted to be a singer before she settled down. Something that Doogie wasn’t aware off. I feels like he doesn’t really know his mother just takes her for granted.
Played by Belinda Montgomery.

Dr. David Howser – Doogies father. Also a doctor and a big support to Doogie. Sometimes Doogie opposes his father, and there can be some strains due to that. That mostly have to do with the money and Doogies feeling of being controlled. When it comes to Doogie the doctor, his father has complete faith in him.
Played by James Sikking.

Dr Benjamin Canfield – Doogies boss. The one who believed enough in him to hire him from the start. There are a lot of head to head between Canfield and Doogie when Doogie is acting out of his feelings more than the rules, but on the most part Canfield supports Doogie and has his back. It’s not so many things you learn about Canfield’s personal life, but he dates nurse Spauldig awhile and you realise he is very lonely since the divorce. He is good friend with Doogies father.
Played by Lawrence Pressman

Wanda Plenn – The love interest of Doogie for the first 2 seasons. She seem to be very supportive and mature for her age. Feels like the role was there just to have an object of love for Doogie, so this wouldn’t be such a big deal when he was young. Once he had become older and more “accepted” to have sex, she is sent of to collage so there can be other stories told where there are no place for a steady girlfriend.
Played by Lisa Dean Ryan.

Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4



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