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How I met your mother.

The storyline of this sitcom is a father sitting down with his teenage children to tell them how he met their mother. The children are not to pleased or interested and the stories are many and quite frankly many of them you do not want to share with your kids. But nevertheless Ted describe his life from 2005 and forward. As the discussion takes place in 2030 we can assume that their is an end date somewhere about 2015 if not before…So far it is signed till 2013 so there are many stories to tell. The gang are:

Ted Mosby – The father. The architect/professor. The one who searches for love and marriage. And sometimes just sex. Played by Josh Radnor.

Marshall Eriksen – The room mate from college, who became best friend and continue on as a room mate. Dreaming of being an environmental lawyer but has mostly worked as corporate lawyer once he was finished with his studies. He is a sweet person, a bit clumsy. Get some teddy bears vibes from him. Only had sex with one person, now his wife. Played by Jason Segel.

Lily Aldrin – Marshalls college sweet hart, since end of season 2 his wife. She has dreams of becoming artist, but has realised that her calling is being a kindergarten teacher. Played by Alyson Hannigan.

Barney Stinson – The womanizer always on the hunt for women. Crude jokes and allergic to commitments. He is a very loyal friend and consider himself be Ted’s best friend. Played by Neil Patrick Harris.

Robin Scherbatsky– The girl Ted fell in love with in the first episode but ended up one of his best friends. They dated briefly for a year, but realised there goal were too different. Dated Barney in season 3 and 5 but that didn’t go to well, even though I think they were perfect for each other. Works as a reporter on TV. Have a history as a teen age star in Canada. Played by Cobie Smulders.

My reviews of each episodes:

Season 1 episodes

Season 2 episodes

Season 3 episodes

Season 4 episodes

Season 5 episodes

Season 6 episodes

Season  7 episodes



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