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Stark Raving Mad

This show focuses on an editor who has a somewhat excentric author he tries to help.
Henry McNeely – The germaphobic, gentle editor. Kind of gullible, likes childrens books more than horror books. Have some problem with conflicts, especially hard to talk with his longtime girl friend who can steer him as she wishes.
Played by Neil Patrick Harris

Ian Stark – The author. Very morbid. Excentric. Problem with body contact, so he doesn’t like to be hugged.
Played by Tony Shalhoub

Jake Donovan – Ian’s assistant, not that bright. Is strange enough to be liked by Ian.
Played by Eddie McClintock

Tess Faraday – Henry’s girlfriend. Extremely perky and cheerful. She controls Henry and succeed most of the times, but sometimes he seems to grow some spine.
Played by Dorie Barton

Maddie Keller – The bartender/neighbor the most normal person in the gang. Looking for love, and trying to get rid of some of the loosers that are hitting on her.
Played by Heather Paige Kent

My thoughts and reviews of all the episodes, with extremely bad pictures. Not easy to get this series so I had to watch in poor quality.

I really love the theme songs as well, it was so fitting!

“Stark Raving Mad”
by Steven Levitan (lyrics), R. Korbin Kraus, John Adair & Steve Hamption

Batty, bonkers, crazy,
Loopy, loony, hazy,
Chaotic, neurotic, peculiar and amazing.
Demented, deranged, particularly strange.
Frantic, randy, shakey, flakey
Making me insane!



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